How I discovered Homeopathy

After 12 years of Conventional Veterinary practice, I began to get frustrated. Animals with chronic skin disease were the worst challenge.  They would continually get itchy, be on endless rounds of antibiotics, steroids and creams.  I felt that I was not helping animals the way I had wanted to.  A question kept bothering me, why did these dogs get itchy in the first place?  Some were allergic, but they weren't allergic at birth, so what was creating these allergies? Wasn't there a way to rebalance the body and actually heal the cause of the itching, rather than just cover up the symptoms with medication? Then I heard about a Natural Veterinarian in Vancouver who was using Homeopathy.  


I had never heard of Homeopathy and was intrigued.  When I read the philosophy of how it helped to rebalance the body and thus the symptoms could resolve and heal on their own, I thought "this is what I have been looking for!" I volunteered at the clinic, and what I saw shocked me.  Animals were responding to these 'little white pills' and healing at a remarkable rate.  


The true light bulb happened a few weeks later.  It was a Sunday morning, my then 3 year old daughter, Jazmine and I were still in our pajamas having breakfast.  The phone rang and it was my friend Jan.  From her voice, I knew immediately that something was wrong.  Jan talked about her elderly cat, Mr. King, and how he was "acting funny". What she described sounded like a cerebral stroke and I recommend she take him immediately to an Animal E.R. Jan trusted my opinion and asked if I could have a look at him.  As I had left my medical equipment at the Holistic Veterinary clinic I was now working at, I told her I would have no way to treat him but if she wanted, I could still do an examination on him.  She thanked me and said she was on her way.  


I hung up the phone and panicked.  What could I do for the poor cat? I had no equipment!  As an afterthought, I remembered that I had my Homeopathic remedies.  I had just started a course in Classical Homeopathic Medicine the same month, and had been making an inventory of first aid remedies to have on hand.  I quickly looked through my Homeopathy books to see what remedies could be used for brain hemorrhage, bleeding or strokes.  I found 2 remedies, which as luck would have it, I had already purchased.  My friend arrived with Mr. King.  On examination, my suspicions were confirmed, Mr. King had suffered a stroke and was showing signs of horizontal nystagmus (rapid eye movement), circling to the right, inability to see and severe stress (open mouth breathing).  He was extremely restless and could not be calmed down. I recommended she take him to the Animal Emergency and offered to accompany her.  I asked if she minded if I give him a Homeopathic remedy, she agreed.  I gave him a dose of a remedy for stress/shock/hemorrhage and within a few minutes Mr. King began to calm down, his panting stopped and he lay down quietly. "Wow" I thought to myself, it had really helped him.  As my friend herself was quite panicky (completely understandable under the circumstances!), I also gave her a dose of the same remedy.  Within a few minutes, she too calmed down and started making jokes about coming over in her pajamas.  "Nice!" I thought.  I then gave Mr. King a remedy for bleeding and concussions, and we left for the E.R.


The drive was about 20 minutes, and when we got out of the car, I noticed that his rapid eye movement was much slower.  "Is it really slower, or am I just wishing that it's slower?" I thought to myself. "I think his nystagmus is better" I said to Jan. "Really?" she asked, "Can we give him another dose of that Homeopathic remedy?" "Sure" I responded.  While waiting in the reception room of the Animal E.R. I gave Mr. King another dose of the second remedy.  We went in to see the E.R. Vet and she agreed with my diagnosis of cerebral stroke.  She took some blood and x-rays.  The tests confirmed a thickened heart (hypertrophic myopathy) as well as hyperthyroidism.  We waited about 40 minutes as she dealt with another emergency, a dog that was hit by a car.  In that time, Mr. King began to be able to recognize my friend (whereas before he could not see well enough), he was able to walk in a straight line and go and sit beside her.  Then his rapid eye movement (nystagmus) disappeared.  All the symptoms of the stroke were gone, I mean completely gone.  


I was amazed.  When the other Vet returned I said "Look at him, all his symptoms are gone, he looks fine." She looked at him and agreed.  My friend Jan asked her, "Have you ever seen that before?".  She shook her head and said "In 20 years of Veterinary practice, I've never seen that." I too had never seen a cat recover so quickly from a stroke. Had I treated Mr. King conventionally, it would have meant weeks of hospitalization, medication and only about a 10% chance of recovery. And yet here within 2 hours, this cat had completely recovered.  That was my light bulb moment.  I realized how powerful Homeopathic remedies are when used properly.  Since then I have seen Homeopathy do many amazing things.  Natural medicine and Homeopathy have become my passion.  I now practice Homeopathy as my main modality of Veterinary medicine.