Treating Sprains & Strains with Natural Remedies

It's MONDAY! (Okay, we know it's probably not Monday when you are reading this....but our injury got the best of us!).  Today's topic is sprains and strains!!
Well this is a very appropriate topic as I got injured on Friday, a very bad ankle sprain which involved tearing of the ligaments on both sides.  OUCH!  I saw starts and felt dizzy.  Yikes.  Crutches have become my best friend.  Homeopathy helped with the pain and swelling.  The first remedy that we took was Arnica which helped with the pain and swelling.  That remedy was repeated several times (see the previous post on Arnica if you are unsure why).  Then we followed with RUTA which is a great remedy for injury to tendons and ligaments which have been over stretched or torn, it helps to reduce the inflammation and pain. 

More information about Ruta- injury to joins which are close to the surface, damage to cartilage of bones and to tendons, injuries where bones are close tot he surface, very useful for injuries of wrists ad ankles.  One dose of 12c 2-3x/day for up to 3 weeks if needed.  So if your dog is out and strains its' leg, try Arnica first, and follow with Ruta.  Let me know your results!  

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