The Best Herb for Detoxing Your Pet 

Red Clover, that beautiful round shaped, purple/red flowering weed.  You know, the ones that bunny rabbits love to eat (and maybe you chewed on as a kid because of its sweet flavour?). Red clover is from the Trifolium genus (Tri meaning three) and is characterized by its three lobed leaves.  


This herb is excellent for both humans and animals.  It cleanses the blood,  promotes diuresis (water reduction), expectorant and anti-tumour effects.  Its main area of action is the liver, skin and blood.  So this flower is good for dogs/cats with skin issues, liver problems and those animals that have been given too many medications during their lifetime (especially excess use of steroids, antibiotics and vaccines).  


How to use it: Either as dried flowers, fresh flowers (or make a tea from the flowers by simply adding boiling water to the dried or fresh flowers and let it steep for 5-10 minutes.  Let the tea cool to lukewarm or room temperature before adding it to your pet’s food).


For cats, a very small amount (¼ tsp or ¼ cup of the tea daily on food) is plenty.  

For small dogs, use ½ tsp on food daily (or ½ cup of tea).  

For dogs up to 50 lbs, use up to 1 tsp on food daily (up to 1 cup of tea per day).

For 50-70 lb dogs, 2 tsp on food daily (or 1 ½ cups of tea) and dogs greater than 70 lbs, up to 3 tsp a day on food (or 1 ½ cups of tea twice per day).  


Because this herb is a detoxifier, start slow with ¼ of the recommended doses and increase slowly over 2-3 weeks to make sure your dog can tolerate it properly.


 Contraindications: do not use in animals that have clotting disorders (such as Von Willibrands disease), or with internal or external bleeding issues.  Also avoid use in pregnant or nursing animals due to its estrogenic activity.  The herb can be used continuously or for 2-3 months at a time.  


(see photo below)