Homeopathy can be your magic bullet-The top 8 remedies to not leave home without!


Have you ever been in a situation where having a medical professional for your pet right beside you would have been a lifesaver? Maybe your dog Java cut his pad on something sharp while on a walk and it bled like crazy before you could get help? Or your exuberant puppy Sabre, who still doesn’t understand where not to stick his nose, got stung by several bees and had a severe reaction, all while you were hiking on a deep trail? Or even worse, a car hit your beloved cat Fluffy at a time when the closest Vet office was closed and the time needed to get help was too long. While it’s not possible to carry a medical professional around with you in your pocket (and although smartphones have apps, it isn’t quite the same as a real person) there is something you can carry that can make the difference between life and death for your pet. Literally. What is this magic bullet? The top Homeopathic remedies for trauma. I don’t leave home without them. Let’s have a look at the main ones and indications for their use.


**Remember that as the patient improves, to give the remedy less often by increasing the time between each dose, thereby allowing the body to tell you when the remedy is needed. If three doses of the remedy have been given and there is no change, consider that the remedy is not the right one and choose another. The closer the match between the patient’s symptoms and the symptoms of the remedy, the better the remedy will work.


1)   Aconite napellus- also known as Wolfsbane. This is the first remedy to reach for in a trauma. The body goes into a state of shock, from either a physical insult or an emotional trauma of some kind. A patient in need of Aconite has symptoms that appear SUDDENLY, are very INTENSE and include some type of FEAR, SHOCK or PANIC. The patient can be restless and pain, if present, is often intense. Hemorrhage or bleeding may be present. There may also be a fear of death, or recent bad news received (for people this may include news about an accident to a loved one, or witnessing a horrible accident). Physical insults can include any kind of accident (hit by car, concussion, fall, body injury) or exposure to a sudden change in temperature. A dose of 30c or 200c will help the fear, shock and intensity of the symptoms. This remedy is a lifesaver. It may need to be repeated if the symptoms persist or recur.


2)   Arnica Montana- This is the second remedy for trauma. A patient in need of Arnica has bruising, bleeding, swelling, hemorrhaging, clots or other damage to muscles or blood vessels. This includes any kind of sprain, strain, concussion, or trauma where the muscles or blood vessels are affected (hit by car, broken bones, muscle or joint injury, head trauma, concussion, stroke, heart attack, aneurysm).  Arnica will decrease the swelling and bleeding and speed up the healing. Also wonderful for pain control where the symptoms fit. A dose of 200c or 1M, repeated as needed. If there is substantial pain or bleeding (i.e. broken bone, heart attack, stroke), the remedy can be repeated at short intervals such as every 5-30 minutes. Other remedies specific for the injury can follow once Arnica has done its work.


3)   Rhus Toxidendron- a great remedy for muscle or joint sprains/strains where the patient is painful and stiff by staying still and the pain makes them restless to move. As they move, they ‘limber’ up and feel better. Mornings or rising after being still for some time is especially bad. The condition may have been brought on by sleeping on damp ground or by over straining the muscles due to over activity or over-stretching during exercise. Warmth helps the patient but cold/damp makes the symptoms worse. A dose of 30c or 200c, repeated as needed.


4)   Bryonia alba- Another great remedy for muscle or joint pain/strain with the opposite symptoms to Rhus tox. A patient in need of Bryonia has pain with any small movement and so the patient wants to stay perfectly still. Animals will prefer to lie on the painful side and may also be thirsty for small sips of water. A dose of 30c or 200c, repeated as needed.

5)   Apis mellifa- Apis is made from the honeybee and is a wonderful anti-histamine treatment for allergic reactions (including bee stings and bug bites). Patients needing Apis will have swellings (skin, lips, etc.) that are extremely itchy, edematous and feel better with cold applications (ice, cold water etc.) A dose of 30c or 200c, repeated as needed.

6)   Hypericum perforatum – This remedy is about nerve pain, bruised nerves, damage to nerve endings or parts rich in nerves such as eyes, fingertips, teeth, back and spinal cord, tailbone, anus, toes. The pain maybe crushing or shooting. Excellent remedy for tails/toes/fingers that get caught in closed doors or drawers. Damage to tailbone from falls, ruptured anal glands, scratches to the cornea. A dose of 30c or 200c, repeated as needed.

7)   Arsenicum Album: This is a great remedy for stomach upset (vomiting or diarrhea, or both) due to bad food, the stomach flu or a viral infection. Use this remedy if the patient has vomiting/diarrhea with restless behaviour, anxiety and symptoms are worse at night, especially after 11pm. A dose of 30c or 200c can be repeated as needed.


8)   Carbo Veg : This is the “resurrection remedy”.

Patients needing Carbo Veg are extremely depleted and may literally be on their deathbeds. This remedy can revive patients from near death, collapse, debility, or fainting.   They will have  ‘air-hunger’

(patient wants to be fanned or have fresh   air despite being chilly, they may feel cold to the touch but do not want to be covered) and possibly bloating/gassy digestion. Patient’s vitality is very weak; there may also be weakness of lungs/heart. Give a dose of 30c or 200c every 5 min-2 hours as needed.


A dose of a remedy is 2 peppercorn size pellets. If possible, crush the pellets (to increase the absorption of the remedy) and place the pellets in the gums/lip area of your pet’s mouth. For people, simply place the pellets in the mouth/gum area and suck on them. If the animal/person is unconscious, the remedy will still work simply by contact in the mouth area. Where possible give the remedy 10 minutes away from any food or drink, however, in an emergency, give the remedy and don’t worry about this rule! If necessary, repeat the remedy as needed.


Homeopathic remedies should be given as soon as possible in an accident or first aid situation. The use of these remedies does not replace Medical care by a professional and Medical care should be sought as soon as possible.

These can be given ‘on the way’ to the doctor or veterinarian.


Remedy wallets are available making it easy to carry remedies with you. We have designed one that slips easily into a purse or pocket.