Treat Insect Bites Naturally

 We continue our series of Natural First Aid remedies that you can use at home for your pets including the various conditions that each remedy is useful for.


Today's natural remedy is homeopathic Apis Mellifca, the honeybee.


This is a great remedy for allergic reactions/insect bites, anywhere there is a release of histamine.

Allergic reactions that will respond well to Apis have intense itching, swelling, welts/bumps/urticaria or inflammation and feel warm to the touch. The patient maybe angry or restless with the itching, it is driving them mad! The patient feels better with cold applications to the affected area as the cold cloth or ice applied to the area makes them less itchy. If the reaction is severe, give the remedy every 5-15 minutes until a change is seen. Continue giving the remedy less frequently until all signs of a reaction are gone.

** In severe reactions, medical care must be sought as soon as possible, as severe allergic/anaphylactic reactions can result in death and may require intensive treatment and care.

The strength to use is Apis mellifica 200c or 1m.
(200c is the same as 200 ch)


A dose of a remedy is 2 pellets (which are the size of peppercorns). When possible, crush the pellets (to increase the absorption of the remedy) and place the pellets in your pet’s mouth in the gums/lip area. For people, simply place the pellets in the mouth/gum area and suck on them.


Where possible give the remedy 15 minutes away from any food or drink, however, in an emergency this rule is not important, give the remedy asap.


Repeat a dose every 5 min - 12 hours, as needed. As the patient responds, give the remedy less often.


Homeopathic remedies should be given as soon as possible in an accident or first aid situation. The use of these remedies does not replace Medical care by a professional and Medical care should be sought as soon as possible. These can be given ‘on the way’ to the doctor/veterinarian.


**remember that as the patient improves, give the remedy less often by increasing the time between each dose, thereby allowing the body to tell you when the remedy is needed.


Homeopathic remedies can be purchased at most health food stores, we recommend Cloverdale Pharmasave or Finlandia for best selection.