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Natural Treatment of Cancer in Dogs
A testimony from Chani's dad:
Apr. 23, 2016
To Whom it May Concern:
If it is possible for a dog to be a soul-mate, then my Rottweiler Chani was mine. From the time she was first with me, to the moment she passed, she was always at my side. I was her world and she was the rock I needed so many times to get through the challenges life sent my way.
While out walking with Chani on the Pitt River dikes one afternoon in October 2013, I noticed that Chani was limping. She did not seem to be in any discomfort while walking nor did she want to stop her walk. She always loved to be outside, walking with myself and our other dog, Bonnie (a dachshund).
When we returned home I did a full visual inspection and physical manipulation of her front left leg (the one she was limping off on). I found a swelling above her wrist that was warm and soft. It did not seem to cause her pain to have me touch it or restrict her movements at all. Regardless I made an appointment to see our regular vet the next day.
The Vet examined Chani and from the first exam I knew that it was not only serious but bad. His whole attitude immediately became guarded and worried. He took Chani into the back of the clinic for an x-ray. He returned within a few minutes and told me she had bone cancer. My world was rocked. Three years earlier I had been off work fighting for my life against Lymphatic cancer. Chani was constantly at my side during that time; hugging her and having her close helped me to deal with a pain that was so bad from the treatments, not even the morphine was able to fully take it away.
I sat in the vet's office and listened as Dr. calmly explained that the case was not only terminal but that there was little that could be done for her. Due to her age (she was 10 years old at the time), removing the leg was not a good option. In his opinion, removing the limb would probably encourage the cancer to grow or go into other places in her body. Also due to her age, she would probably have a great deal of difficulty adapting to the loss of the limb.
He recommended Metacam to help with the pain. The Metacam was very expensive and only lasted for about 3-4 weeks at a time. Each bottle was almost $120.00. While I was willing to pay this for my friend, it was a very expensive addition to the vet visits. He said we needed to consider putting her down sooner rather than later, as the pain would increase and the cancer would weaken the bone to the point it would likely shatter. He was as caring as he could be when he gave a time frame of three months at the most. However, he strongly suggested that we put her down far sooner than that.
I went home, and for a week, I restricted her activities while searching like crazy for as much information as I could on canine cancer, treatments, and possible alternatives. The Vet clinic put us in touch with a local vet who knew about radiation treatments and more scientific treatments, but again there was no hope offered.
Finally after a month of doing the best we could with conventional treatments, countless phone calls, and hundreds of hours spent reading medical papers online, I put out a notice on Facebook about Chani and her situation. Within hours a friend suggested that before we give up and put her down, we try a Holistic vet. I have never used holistic medicine and honestly did not think it would have any real benefit. I have always put my faith in standard medicine and science. But, with Chani getting worse and the end clearly approaching, I was willing to try.
I searched online for local Holistic vets. I found Vital Beings Holistic Veterinary. I called the phone number and talked to Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul for the first time. She listened to all of my information and asked many questions about Chani's condition. After she had my information she made arrangements to do a house call to examine Chani.
When Dr. Rehanni arrived, she was smiling and confident. She came into the house and was introduced to both of our dogs. Both of them immediately were at ease with her. She talked to Chani in soft tones and carefully examined her entire body, while asking more questions to fully understand my best friend better. Chani was always relaxed with Dr. Rehanni's approach and care. After a forty-five minute exam Dr. Rehanni left to gather information and develop a care plan. For the first time in over a month there was light in my day and a ray of hope for my friend.
We made an appointment to see Dr. Rehanni again a few days later when she called to say she had worked out a treatment. I mentioned I was going to have to buy our third bottle of Metacam that day. Dr. Rehanni took the time to inform me that what the regular vet was prescribing was a medicine that was designed more for arthritis then bone cancer pain. She also told me she could call in a prescription to our pharmacy for this if I wanted which would save me having to make another visit to the Vet, but that she would have something more targeted to cancer pain when we met.
By the time we met again with Dr. Rehanni, later that week, the swelling in Chani's leg had grown to tennis ball size and she was limping a lot. I was lifting her in and out of the car to go places. She was kept on her bed as much as possible at home. She was still happy and full of life but the pain of the swelling was slowing her down and causing her a lot of discomfort.
We met Dr. Rehanni at her office on Saturday morning. She had her materials with her and again examined Chani. I had been keeping a log of the size of the growing swelling, so we spoke of this. Dr. Rehanni gave Chani two little pills out of a plastic container. We continued talking for a few minutes and then measured the growth. Over the next twenty minutes we watched as the size of the growth shrank visibly before our eyes. We also measured the lump repeatedly during this time, recording the changes. In that twenty minute span it went down almost 3/4 of an inch. My skepticism of Holistic medicine went out the window.
Dr. Rehanni instructed that we switch Chani to a "raw" food diet. She recommended a butcher that all the local vets were working with. These butchers had developed a "raw" food recipe that provided what the dogs needed most and did not have any of the "fillers" that regular kibble dog food has. She also gave us the medication for swelling. The next medication she gave us was one designed specifically to counter bone cancer and the pain that it caused. I was stunned when I found out that forty doses of each of these was under $20.00. Dr. Rehanni's instructions were very clear and concise. She explained everything and went to great lengths to explain that this was not a cure but would greatly improve Chani's quality of life as well as extend it. We switched Chani to "raw" food that day, though as per Dr. Rehanni's cautions, we did it slowly in portions so her system did not end up reacting negatively to the diet change.
In less than two days of the new medication, the swelling was almost half of what it had been. Chani was happier and walking without any help. She was once again allowed to climb the stairs in our home. She was able to start taking longer walks, even if we were still cautious.
She was doing so fantastic that when the three month "death sentence" came and went, we had a celebration. With home care in place, my fiancée and I were even able to still go on our Christmas vacation, which we had thought we were going to have to cancel.
Dr. Rehanni was always only a phone call or an email away. She would do anything, at any time for Chani. She had at least one visit a month with Chani in the months that followed, and she constantly sent emails to check on Chani's progress. Chani was thriving in her care.
Unfortunately it was desire for human food that eventually did Chani in. We had ordered pizza for supper New Year's Eve. I answered the door and the smell of the pizza brought Chani running from the other room with a wagging tail. She was so excited that before I could give her the "down" command, she jumped down the five stairs to the entrance way. She yelped and dropped to her belly. I examined the leg and found the swelling was growing and she did not want to put any weight on it.
I called Dr. Rehanni after her office hours and she walked us through what to do in order to make her comfortable. In an hour Chani was walking tenderly on it and happy again. Dr. Rehanni saw her the next day for an exam. It was determined that she had probably sprained as well as possibly cracked the bone. Dr. Rehanni suggested x-rays to confirm but also cautioned that such procedures would require a lot of manipulation of the leg which could result in more stress and damage. I opted out of x-rays and instead got Chani a full leg brace. Dr. Rehanni showed us how to use it, how to make it comfortable for Chani.
The next several months were a bit of a roller coaster, as Chani would make strides in getting stronger, only to over extend herself and need more rest and care. It was in June, some six months later, that we all began to accept the fact that all the efforts and progress that had been made fighting the cancer might now be of little consequence. It was not long after this that we did finally have to put Chani down. Chani had begun licking the area around the swelling for about two weeks. We kept it clean and bandaged but she would usually find some way to get at it. My fiancée and I came home from supper one night and Chani greeted us as usual from her position on her bed. She had managed to get the bandage off. I went to clean the wound and re-bandage it, but as I lifted the paw, blood squirted across the room.
Using my first aid training while my fiancée call Dr. Rehanni, I managed to compress the wound enough to stop the bleeding and get things under control. I carried my one hundred pound friend to the car and drove her to the Langley Emergency Animal Clinic. She was examined and it was determined that her leg had broken and the broken bone had punctured something internally. They gave us the option of removing the leg or making her comfortable and letting her go. It was explained that due to her age, her condition, and the fact she was bleeding (though it was currently stopped) that she might not even survive the surgery.
We chose to let her go.
So, with my best friend cradled in my arms, five days before her 11th birthday, I said goodbye to her as she was given the injection and she slowly slipped away from me......
Dr. Rehanni gave me almost nine extra months with my best friend. She made it so I was able to give back to Chani what she had given me while I struggled through my cancer. She was loved and cared for. She had a great quality of life and love in the last months of her life.
I can say with absolute certainty that Chani lived over 6 months longer than regular veterinary clinics said she would, due to the wonderful care that Dr. Rehanni provided. I know that she was able to walk and even trot occasionally because of the treatments prescribed by Dr. Rehanni.
Dr. Rehanni gave Chani months of joy with us. The care and concern she showed for my friend was second to none. Anyone who wishes to debate the validity of Holistic medication with me is more than welcome to. I have nine months of memories, pictures and measurements that show exactly how well holistic treatments worked against a cancer that was supposed to end my friends life.
In conclusion, let me be very, very clear. My best friend lived far longer than our regular vet said she would, due to TWO things. The first was the use of Holistic medications. The second, and most important, was a wonderful vet who believed in Holistic medicine, Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul.
Yours Truly:
Kevin Fenrick

Natural Approach to treating Feline Asthma

Max’s Journey Back To Full Health (so far)  -- January 2015


Max and his brother Sunny are rescued cats from a litter born in an urban parking lot. When 3 years old, Max had difficulty in breathing in September of 2012.


Following an examination of x-rays the conclusion was a  “ Bronchial and interstitial pulmonary pattern. This is most consistent with feline asthma or bronchitis.”


We took Max to a vet who gave him a shot of Depo-Medrol, a strong steroid that immediately improved his condition. However about 30 days later he had the “cough” (gasping for air) and wheezing associated with feline asthma.


We were seeking a safer drug—one that, according to the second vet “ would not turn him into a diabetic in a couple of years”. With more x-rays as well as an ultrasound on Max, the recommendation was that Max should be on a puffer, twice each day, “probably for the rest of his life”.  

holistic vet coquitlam Max using his inhaler

Fast-forward two years, when we suspected that this approach was problematic.

Why did we think this?

  • We noticed Max was getting more and more lethargic (and gaining weight),
  • His beautiful coat was getting drier and turning a reddish colour (SEE BELOW).
  • He was fearful, spending entire days in solitary confinement under the bed.
  • Increasingly he was “fighting” the mask required for administering the puffer’s contents twice every day.
  • He was not a happy young boy.
holistic cat vet vancouver Max's coat was dry and turning reddish

Lucky for us, a friend suggested we seek the advice of Dr Rehanni Khaseipoul, DMV, known at this time as The Nomadic Vet. We took Max and had an in-depth session with Dr Rehanni in June of 2014. Our goal was to eliminate or, at least to significantly reduce Max’s dependency on the steroid-based inhalers for several reasons:


  1. To restore his health and minimize organ damage from steroid use
  2. To minimize the other side-affects such as lethargy, dry skin and a lackluster coat
  3. To help Max feel better and more confident so he would engage in more free play and interaction with his brother Sunny
  4. To simplify his care when on vacation, i.e., no need to hire a Vet Tech and/or teach friends to administer the day and night puffer to Max.


Dr Rehanni’s estimate of the time taken to help was quite accurate—it took about 6 to 8 months to detect significant progress.  The approach involves some trial and error and the need for keen observation on the cat owner’s part, in order to to give Dr Rehanni sufficient feedback to make adjustments in doses, frequency and expected outcomes. There is ongoing communication back and forth from the client to the Doctor via phone and email primarily, with periodic in-person visits to summarize and check progress.


What have the outcomes been?

  • Instead of a steroid puffer morning and night (that’s 730 doses a year) now Max is on the puffer only once, every second day—only 184 times a year
  • That’s a 75% reduction in the amount of steroid doses he is getting
  • And, we remain optimistic that we may have him down to lower dose levels, or 100% elimination one day.
Holistic Cat Vet Vancouver Max Today

For all this, we are immensely thankful to Dr Rehanni Khaseipoul.  We have no hesitation in recommending her if you have any health issue with your pets. As an experienced practitioner with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and study of Homeopathy, she brings a strong blend of knowledge to draw upon in the care of animals.


Her sensitive approach is professional and thorough. She provides a clear communication and advice in how to aid your animal back to long-term health.  We also found her rates for service very competitive and transparent.


Moira Silcox, Richmond BC

Natural Treatment of Cancer in a dog

Meet NJ (isn't he gorgeous?), NJ had spleen cancer last December.

I really do love how Holistic medicine allows me to help animals and their guardians in ways I never could before. Homeopathy can help in the treatment of cancer.


This is what his mom (human guardian) has to say about her experience using Holistic treatment for NJ:


After ten years of what seemed to be perfect health on December 9, 2013 my red nose pit bull Nj got very sick. I rushed to the Vet they took an x-ray and told me his spleen and liver were enlarged. December 10,2013 we took him in for an ultrasound and got heartbreaking news, Nj has hemangiosarcoma, spleen cancer. His spleen needs to be removed, he only has three to six months to live, or less. December 11, 2013 we took him to the emergency hospital. We spoke to the surgeon who reconfirmed what we had already been told, three to six months to live, removing his spleen would remove the immediate danger of death but nothing else could be done. They didn't offer chemo or radiation because it wouldn`t change the final result. Nothing else could be done for him. So off to surgery he went were they discovered he had a heart murmur and also carcinoma in one of his lungs. He spent five days in the I.C.U charming the girls and trying to escape his kennel. I brought him to recover and started to consider making plans for his death. As I cared for him over the next few weeks I was surprised by how strong he was how quickly he recovered. I could see he was no where near ready to go and I was not ready to let him. While he slept one night i whispered in his ear, If you fight so will I. I searched the internet for alternative medicines and that search brought me to Dr. Rehanni. She came to the house and like a tornado completely uprooted everything i thought i knew about Nj's health. She changed his diet and tailor made all his remedies specifically to what was happening in his body. It has been ten months now and Nj is doing very well. He is our miracle boy, our fighter. My only regret is not having been more open minded sooner. My family and I have been forever changed. Nj is living proof that homeopathy works, it has kept his body healthy and strong enough to fight cancer. We know he won't live forever, eventually his time will come but not anytime soon. My family and I were given back what we thought we had lost forever, time with Nj. December 9, 2014 it will a year since Nj was diagnosed.
Thank you homeopathy and Dr. Rehanni.
Naywe Zapata


Natural Treatment of Anxiety

Treating Anxiety:


A human patient who was suffering from anxiety before seeing me for Homeopathy. Here is what he has to say about his experience:

"I have been under Dr. Khaseipoul's care for approximately one year. My anxiety issues started abruptly on July 1st 2012. My symptoms were mostly physical, panting and feeling like I could not catch my breath. It mostly occurred while I was driving and in traffic, but also occasionally while at work, at the gym/pool, and at home, as well as at friends places. My medical Doctor was of little help as all she wanted to do was give me Atavan or put me on a trial of Psych meds. And I even went to see a Psychologist, who also was of little help and I stopped seeing her after three sessions. My wife had seen Dr. Khaseipoul at a seminar put on by Shoppers Drugs in Cloverdale and had also decided to see her as a patient. She told me of Dr. Khaseipoul and after some hesitation I made an appointment. I am so glad I did as my anxiety was beginning to control me. After being issued my first remedy, I gave Dr. Khaseipoul regular updates on how I was coping and she was always available if needed. It seemed that the time in between remedies has been getting longer and I feel much better about my anxiety issues. From where I began two years ago to today is completely different and I feel much better and have complete control over my anxiety. I am very hopeful that I will be back to where I was prior to my first instance over two years ago. I strongly recommend Dr. Khaseipoul. M.S. - October 2014" 


Natural Treatment of bone pain in a kitty

Help with bone pain:


 “We have a 17 pound Maine Coon kitty, Frankie who is an important member of the family.  His doctor, Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul has treated him successfully on a number of occasions.  Prior to meeting Dr. Khaseipoul our conventional vet recommended vaccinations yearly.  We took her advice.  Two years ago I noticed a good sized lump developing at the vaccination site.  Dr. Khaseipoul prescribed a remedy, which Frankie took for a number of weeks. The lump shrank and to this day is barely noticeable.   In the second instance, one day I noticed Frankie had a small gouge in his right eye.  Dr. Khaseipoul examined him closely, and then prescribed a remedy, which cleared the condition up in a few weeks.  In the last instance, Frankie was with us when we were involved in a serious car accident.

At the time he seemed fine, but then a few weeks later he developed a limp and was in severe pain.  Dr. Khaseipoul recommended x-rays, which showed a small fracture.  His leg was also swollen and hot to the touch.  Dr. Khaseipoul recommended a number of solutions to help this heal.  From 4-6 weeks later he was once again very happy and running and jumping.

 If not for the expertise and kind manner of Dr. Khaseipoul, I'm not sure where we'd be today...”


E. Paisley, Vancouver BC

Natural Treatment of Stress

Dealing with Stress:


After hearing about Rehanni from a co-worker, I called to book a consultation for my 15 year old daughter.  The pressures involved with her competitive dance schedule, high school course load, tutoring and maintaining a social life had taken a toll on her emotions and ability to manage her stress levels.  She was constantly feeling pressured and anxious.  After a lengthy consultation with Rehanni, a very specific remedy was made for my daughter.  She took one dose that evening and another the next morning. By the time I saw my daughter after school she was honestly like a new person.  All the things that had been bothering her prior to taking the remedy no longer were causing her distress.  My husband was not informed that we had met with Rehanni and that a remedy was taken but the next day he noticed such a significant change in our daughter he wondered what could have possibly transpired the previous day to have given us our happy daughter back.  She, herself, had not realized how anxious she had been feeling until she wasn't having those feelings any more.  Rehanni is easy to talk to and our daughter feels very comfortable with her, in fact she looks forward to her consultations just so they can chat.  I would not hesitate to recommend Rehanni to any parent who has noticed a change in their child and is seeking help for them.


LH Port Coquitlam

Natural Treatment of the whole Family, Furry and human

"Treating the Whole Family- Furry and Human"
I first heard Dr. Rehanni speak at Pharmasave in Cloverdale during a lecture. Her success stories using homeopathic medicine were exciting. I have a dog with hip dysplasia, so I booked an appointment for Dr. Rehanni to come to my house to see him. Dr. Rehanni did that and prescribed a remedy. While she was there, I mentioned what a bully my other dog can be, especially to his "brother" on walks, and as a general controlling behaviour to others, (including me,). She did a work up on him too and prescribed a remedy. It took a couple of different remedies for my bully, and while he is not perfect, the positive change in him has been huge! My other dog is also doing beautifully and I am looking forward to trying the cold laser therapy Dr. Rehanni is getting in for further improvement.
 Since then, Dr. Rehanni has treated myself and my boyfriend, ( a true sceptic,) with homeopathy with excellent results. 
My little cat just recently came inside and quickly showed signs of an ear infection or possible concussion. She was holding her head at a severe angle and developed a nystagmus- a side to side motion with her eyes, she was also somewhat off with her balance. I took her to my conventional Vet who treated her with antibiotics which he felt was the best practice. She got somewhat better but not completely. We did another round of antibiotics and after further improvement she had a relapse. This was bad! Her balance was off as though she had terrible vertigo and the nystagmus came back. She kept looking up and circling her head as though this might compensate for her moving eyes. My Vet finally said he felt it was neurological, that the antibiotics wouldn`t work, and that he didn`t think anything could fix this poor little cat. This is a very experienced Vet, but he was at a loss as how to help her. I took my little cat to Dr. Rehanni who gave her three different remedies to work with in succession. Her nystagmus went away in the first few hours, the next day or two her balance improved about 95%, she can shake her head now without falling over, and yesterday she went down a flight of stairs, and carefully back up them! She hasn`t done that in a long time!
 I LOVE this homeopathic medicine. It`s so gentle and effective and as Dr. Rehanni says, often when the medicine corrects one issue, other things come back into balance too. Dr. Rehanni is so easy to work with, cares about her patients, animal and human, and is as excited as you will be about the great results achieved by the homeopathic medicine. She will now always be a first resource for myself and my animals.
                                                        Jacquie Harris

Hormone Rebalancing Naturally

Hormone Rebalancing:

" I have known Rehanni for many years but did not know anything about Homeopathy.  Several years ago I broke my tail bone from a bad fall.  I was in severe pain.  My regular doctor told me there is nothing he could do as I would have to wait it out. The pain was so strong that I could not sit and I was not able to function. Rehanni saw me at a social event and noticed I was in a great deal of pain.  She asked what was wrong and when I told her, she recommended a remedy I could try.  I was so desperate I decided to try it.  I was supposed to take it twice a day for a few days and then call her, but after just the first dose, I felt such a relief of the pain, I started to do jumping jacks!  Bad idea!  I called her and she advised to take the remedy when I needed to, and no more jumping jacks as I was still healing.  I took it for a few days and have never had a problem since.  Recently I saw Rehanni for hormonal imbalance, symptoms of hot flashes and weight gain.  She spent 1.5 hours listening to me and then prescribed a remedy.  I now feel more vibrant and and like my old self, my symptoms have stopped and I am active again.  I find Rehanni to be first class and would highly recommend her as a Homeopathic practitioner to my family and friends.  I don't know alot about how Homeopathy works but I have seen the difference it has made in my health.  I fully trust Rehanni and would put myself in her hands anytime. Thank you Rehanni!...." 
B. Jenab

Treating cat anxiety behaviour

"Dixie is doing well.  She seems more at ease, adventurous and generally happy. 

I will definitely be calling Dr. Rehanni next time Dixie needs any veterinarian care.  She was accommodating, knowledgeable, gentle and very professional.  You can tell she genuinely cares about animals (and people) and both my kitty and I felt at ease."

J. Lizna, New Westminster

Natural Treatment of cancer in a cat

My handsome tabby cat Tigger

“Tigger, my handsome 13 year old tabby was an extremely ill cat when we had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Rehanni. Tigger had been diagnosed with liver cancer, he wasn’t eating and he had a severe heart condition. Dr Rehanni came to our home for a visit, she was extremely kind and compassionate with both Tigger and myself. She gave him a tincture for the cancer and another tincture to balance his body. The next day Tigger ate a little and the next day a little more, he began to gain some weight and recoup some energy, and continued to do so daily, I was amazed and so happy! Dr. Rehanni has kept a close eye on Tigger and changed his remedies when necessary, she is always available to answer my questions and ease my concerns. Here we are 7 months later and our “miracle cat” continues to do well, thanks to the dedication of Dr. Rehanni. With such great results for Tigger, I now have Dr Rehanni treating myself.” M.C. New Westminster BC

Natural Treatment for Fatigue and Weight Loss

"I began to see Rehanni for my own health problems after my dog rescue organization had  so much success with her treating our rescue dogs. I gave Rehanni quite a challenge. As an airline pilot I am constantly

tired from jet lag. I have also tried unsuccessfully for 15 years to lose the extra 25 pounds I gained once I began flying overseas (we call that the wide body look). In addition I have forehead psoriasis, back and hip pain and plantar fasciitis. Since I have been on Rehanni's customized remedy, I have lost my craving for sugar and have consequently lost 12 lbs in the past 8 weeks. My forehead psoriasis is also in remission and my back and hip pain is much less frequent and when present, less intense. For the first time in years I have noticed that I am I recovering from jet lag faster than I typically do. Rehanni advised me that some of my symptoms may get worse until we refine the remedy and interestingly my plantar fasciitis has recently gotten more painful. But I take this as evidence that the remedy is having a powerful effect and expect that with more refinement that will improve as well. I am so pleased with the results that I am now having Rehanni treat my 9 yr old Rotti/Bermese cross, Ben, who is recovering from soft tissue sarcoma, and my 13 yr old Yellow Lab/Great Pyrenees, MayDay, who has anxiety and mild fear aggression with other dogs. Rehanni is now my first choice in medical treatment for both myself and my dogs."


J. O. Surrey BC


Healing Naturally after multiple surgeries and antibiotic resistantance

"Last year (before meeting Dr. Khaseipoul) I lost my dog to a simple infection, after spending thousands of dollars on vet bills and ineffective antibiotics.

Not long after, I adopted a little street dog from Taiwan that has quite a severe injury to his snout.  Best guess is that acid ate through the tissue and the bone and caused a hole that went through his sinuses and through his palette – if you looked from above you could see the ground if his mouth was open  He was emotionally scarred, aloof, fearful around other dogs, skittish, and had no desire to play or seek out affection. The only pleasure he seemed to get was at mealtimes. He seemed fine physically at the time I adopted him, even with his injury.Before my adopting him, this little dog underwent four different surgeries - two successfully repaired the damage done to his palette, so he can now eat normally.  The subsequent two surgeries tried to repair the hole in his snout that leaves his sinuses exposed – neither was successful.


About a month after I adopted him, he developed a sinus infection that caused the lesion to open again. The conventional vet told me (after three courses of ineffective antibiotics that did nothing but strengthen the particular strain of bacteria, and one surgery) that the infection was so resistant that he would have to fight it on his own.  They also wanted to perform a fifth surgery in less that a year to try to repair the lesion again – which I was completely against.  I would do anything to help him, but the previous two surgeries failed and nothing had changed to lead me to believe the next would be successful.  He was so miserable during his recovery that I couldn’t bring myself to put him through that again.I was in a panic, especially because of what had happened to my previous dog.  Initially, I was only hoping to improve his ability to fight off the infection.  The rescue who had arranged the adoption recommended I seek out Dr. Khaseipoul.   

 ****Best thing I have ever done in regards to my pets.

She agreed that it would be cruel to put him through another surgery.  She prescribed a remedy to help him fight the infection and to improve his overall well-being.  Within two weeks, he was a changed dog, both in his happiness, and the symptoms of the infection.  He was feeling better, both physically and emotionally.This once miserable little dog is happy, healthy, shiny, affectionate, calm and friendly.  I started to cry the first time he started to play with a toy and chase a ball.  He is even starting to play with other dogs, which he never did before.  The change in him is amazing – and it is all due to Dr. Khasiepoul’s care.We are now trying to heal the lesion naturally rather than attempt a fifth surgery.  It is a slow process, but we are hopeful that the hole will heal without surgery.  But he is in such a healthy space right now that even if it doesn’t heal, he will still be ok, thanks to Dr. Rehanni. She is kind, knowledgeable, and so very helpful.  She follows up frequently and is always available for support, advice and recommendations.However, most importantly, she knows what works – and is so thorough when searching for the right remedy. 

I was not sure what to expect before the first visit – but I am certainly convinced.  I wish I had sought her out during my previous dog’s illness." 


AH, Burnaby , BC

Natural Treatment of Anxiety

"My 4 1/2 year old daughter has always been shy and nervous around most people but this past year it became a real problem. She began to dread social situations including preschool and family gatherings. She would cry and complain of a sore tummy before going and throughout the day, unable to articulate what she was feeling. I was hoping that she would ‘grow out of it’ while trying to build her self-confidence and exposing her to more social activities. Her teachers were working with us as well, but we made no progress. After considering various treatment options such as therapy and anti-anxiety medication, I sought the help of Rehanni Khaseipoul, who practices Homeopathic medicine. The results were phenomenal. My daughter was unaware that she was given a remedy and within days the crying stopped and she was excited to go to school.   He teachers said that she is a different child and asked me what we had done. Even social situations are no longer an issue.


Only a parent can understand the effects an unhappy or unhealthy child has on the entire family. We are so graceful for Rehanni Khaseipoul’s help. We can’t thank her enough!"


P. Richards, Coquitlam BC. 


Natural Treatment of Feline Asthma

"We have been very lucky to have Dr Rehanni as our holistic veterinarian for over 8 years.  Our reasons for selecting Dr Rehanni as our Vet were that we wanted the best from western medicine combined with alternative remedies (homeopathy and herbal).

We met her at the end of our first cat’s life.  Cassidy had developed stomach cancer and was near death.  Dr Rehanni’s gentle, caring words and her bedside manner were soothing for both Cas and ourselves.  The remedies that Dr Rehanni provided eased Cassidy’s pain and allowed us another two months with our beloved cat.  I knew then that this was a Veterinarian that I would continue with when we were ready to have another cat.

She has actively treated our cats Bear and Bailey, since they were kittens.  We have seen her in her office and she has made house calls.  Now, our preferred method of contact is via phone consult. 

At about 1 year old, Bear began to suffer with feline asthma.   He also began to urinate inappropriately around the house.  Dr Rehanni completed a detailed study of his personality and his behaviours.  She also took into account his insecurities and his interactions with his sister.  She explained to us that Homeopathy treats the whole being and that her goal was to find a remedy for Bear that would cure his asthma and cease the urination problems. 

Our dear Bear is a very tricky case and is very sensitive to homeopathic remedies.  Thus, what typically would work with most cats might work for a period of time and then stop or would cause Bear to have a very negative reaction. Dr Rehanni never gave up on Bear!  She constantly continued her research into Bear’s case.   This summer, she heard about a new remedy that had a good potential for Bear.  She ordered a book to do more research and when she determined that it was a fit for Bear she sent us the remedy via courier and provided us with detailed instructions on how to administer it.   This remedy has been a miracle for Bear.  He no longer has asthma attacks.  He is more confident and no longer urinates around the house.  

We are truly grateful to Dr Rehanni and would recommend her highly to anyone searching for a Veterinarian that goes above and beyond and puts her furry patients first!"


Deanne and Tom Johnston, Vancouver B.C.

General Treatment

"You definitely have a special touch; I would not hesitate to refer, and recommend you whole heartedly to anybody I know.  I will definitely keep your contact information and pass it along to anybody I know of that could use your healing touch!
All the best of luck to you in your venture!
With kindest regards"
E. Nygard, Maple Ridge, BC


"Several weeks ago, I took my dear sweet elderly kitty into the animal ER because she had stopped eating and drinking. After a couple very stressful hours there, they were unable to give me a definitive answer as to what ailed her. The vet found a "laceration" under her tongue, of which they took an aspiration from in effort to determine the level of infection. I was sent home with a fortune full of prescription meds and a "hope she gets better." Two days later, they phoned back and told me my baby who has been in my life for 13 years, more than likely had cancer in her mouth. I was so devastated I called in sick to work. She was to come in immediately for a biopsy, which of course they would have to anesthetize her for. My cat was diagnosed with kidney failure several months ago, and I felt entirely uncomfortable putting her organs and her mind through such a procedure, and I was surprised that it was even recommended. I've always used allopathy for my cats, and in this critical time, I decided conventional treatment was not the path to take. This is when Dr. Rehanni came to meet Mija. After a convenient visit to the home, and extremely careful handling of my cat to ensure her ease, Dr. Rehanni gave me multiple explanations for the wound as well as a well-rounded holistic approach in how to begin her healing. It took a few tries to find the right remedy, as this is the workings of homeopathy. After just a few doses, Mija became herself again, eating and drinking well and back to her sweet playful self. Now that her body is "kick-started" from the remedy, I am ensuring that Mija continues to receive the best care from me as possible, as I continue to give her herbal supplements to support her kidneys and keep her hydrated with SQ fluids once a week, among other things. Dr. Rehanni's expertise is deeply appreciated!"


M. Stewart, Vancouver, BC

Natural Treatment for Nasal Cancer in a dog

Louie F. In Memorandium 

November 2010 I was rescued from Chilliwack where I spent my life as a stray. I was knotted, dirty and full of spores. I had a car ride to Surrey where I met this family that was supposed to foster me. The man

that greeted me fell in love with me on first sight. I had a feeling that my life would turn for the better here.

In January of 2011 it was final. This family adopted me and I had a big sigh of relief. I was treated with love, I got good food every day, I was being kept clean and sometimes slept in my new owner’s bed. I was in heaven

Then February 2011 came around when I was driven to a number of vets. I was diagnosed with cancer. I was given 3 month to live. WTF. My life just turned out to be so beautiful and now this.

Needless to say that my family jumped through hoops to try to help me. I met a holistic veterinarian by the name of Dr. Rehanni. From that point on I swallowed tinctures every day and got used to raw food from a company called 3P Natural.

3 months came, 4 months, 5, 6, 7, 8 and so on. I started to grow a big lump on my nose from the tumor. Gosh it had gotten so big that I couldn’t look straight out of my right eye anymore.

In April of 2012 I started bleeding out of my mouth. I started to have trouble eating and was fed sandwiches with raw food on it. I liked eating those but the bleeding got worse, my ener gy dropped. I could not go on like this.

On Monday the 23rd  of April I visited one last time all my friends at the dog park. I kissed many of them, I got hugs and treats and I spent a wonderful time here.

On Tuesday morning at 8:30 I was held by my human sister and surrounded by my family when they helped me to fall asleep one last time.


With the help of Holistic medicine, my 3 months became 13 months of quality life, thanks to Dr. Rehanni. 


J. Flachowsky, Surrey BC for Louie


Natural Treatment for Insomnia:

"When my kids were finally sleeping though the night I found myself lying awake unable to sleep.  I was barely functioning, unable to focus or concentrate and remember all that I had to.  Dr Rehanni Khaseipoul changed my life.  After only a couple of appointments and correspondence she cured my insomnia.  I can't thank her enough.  I feel like a new person!"


P. Richards, Coquitlam, BC