See what Holistic medicine can do for helping bones develop normally


 Myla is a red pit bull puppy who had a very strange gait.  Her legs were crooked and she was very weak in her legs.  See how they bend to the side and are not straight?  She was not able to play or run and would often cry and lick her limbs.  Poor Myla.  She was 3.5 months old in this photo.  Her legs had been abnormal since the owner got her at 6-8 weeks of age and were getting worse. 



Myla was put on some herbs as well as homeopathic treatment to help correct the bone deformity



Myla's legs before holistic treatment
Mayla legs before Holistic treatment

Below is an image of Myla's legs now at 5 months of age after Holistic treatment.  See how much more straight they are.  How beautiful!  Myla can now run and jump, without any limping.  


Myla's legs after Holistic treatment, how beautiful!

See what Homeopathy did for Oscar's itchy nose!

Oscar, a daschund who woke up one morning with a very itchy and bumpy nose (see Photos 1 and 2).  It was so itchy, that Oscar would continue to scratch it until it bled.

Photo 2, Morning that Oscar woke up with a bumpy itchy nose

This is how Oscar's nose looked when I first saw him.  The owner had tried a few treatments on her own, without success.  The nose was still itchy, bleeding and now scabbed badly.  It had been 5 days since he had it. Poor Oscar! 

We began Homeopathic treatment. This is Oscar's nose after 2 days of Homeopathic treatment. Itching is less and bleeding has stopped!
After 4 days of Homeopathic treatment, itching and bleeding have stopped completely. Notice the skin is no longer swollen around the nose
After one week of Homeopathic treatment. All lesions are gone and the skin is healing back to normal. Oscar is all better!

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