Online Pet First Aid Course

Learn Pet First Aid from a Certified Veterinarian. 

This online course covers pet first aid in situations and will teach you what remedies can save your pet's life when medical care is not immediately available. 

Learn how to use natural pet first aid for serious conditions such as:

  •  shock
  • concussions
  • wounds
  • cuts
  • injuries to the eyes
  • sprains and strains
  • broken bones
  • burns (including heat stroke)
  • bug bites
  • upset tummy
  • and more. 

You will learn how to assess your pet's needs and which remedies to use in emergency situations.  


Don't wait for an emergency, prepare yourself by taking this pet first aid course, it could be the differece between life and death for your pet!  For a limited time we are offering 75% off of our course (regular price $100)!

For ONLY $25 (USD) you can start learning how to save your pet's life in an emergency TODAY! (save 75%)


Online Pet First Aid Course Online Pet First Aid Course