Switching Your Cat to a Raw Food (Natural) Diet



From Dry Pet Food:
Start to introduce canned food and decrease the dry kibble by ¼ as soon as the cat is eating the required amount of canned. After this put a very small amount of dry into the bowl for a week, then stop adding dry. After your cat has been eating canned food for a month, add 1 tsp of raw meat (do not add veggies or cooked meat) to the canned every day and slowly increase this amount so that over three weeks or so your cat is completely on raw meat and veggies. The raw meat for this transition period should be boneless and then once your pet is used to the raw diet, you can feed meat with bone ground in. This is important as your pet needs a consistent supply of Calcium in their diet. However, you may want to at first alternate the ground in bone meat with the boneless meat, so that your pet does not get constipated.


From Wet Pet Food:

Change the diet from wet canned food to raw meat over a 3 week period. Do this by slowly adding raw meat (without bone) to the canned pet food. Begin with small amounts, such as a teaspoon per day, and gradually increase the amount over the three week period.