Our Fees and Payment Options

Our little patients!


Payment Options:

Payment is required at the time of the appointment (Skype/phone consults for new clients are paid prior to the appointment). We accept cash, Visa, M/C and Amex (no debit, or cheques)


Details of Service and Care:

Treating a pet with holistic and homeopathic medicine is different than standard conventional Veterinary care. It takes significant time to research and analyze each patient's individual symptoms, pattern and presenting complaint. 


Therefore instead of charges for medicines, vaccines etc; there will be charges for time spent reviewing and analyzing your pet's homeopathic and holistic treatment.


This may be time during the consultation, but may also be time spent afterwards doing research or analyzing the case.

It is important to understand this, so that we can work together to care for your pet, and have clarity regarding the fee structure.  


Price changes effective April 1, 2017


Initial Homeopathic Intake


Follow up Examination/
consultation 30 minutes



Follow up examination/
consultation 45 minutes



Behavioural Consultation    or

Nutritional Consultation        or

Bach Flower Consultation



New remedy prescription (assessment time) 

$50/15 minutes, $16.67/5 minutes s


Phone/Skype/Email advice/consult

$50/15 minutes, $16.67/5 minutes


Phone/Skype initial homeopathic consultation



Preventative Health Exam (no homeopathy)



Urgent Email or Call during Non-Working Day



First Aid/Acute Homeopathic consultation



Phone/Skype Holistic consultation, 45 minute (No Homeopathy is prescribed)



After Hours Fee



Initial chiropractic assessment/treatment



Chiropractic recheck treatments



Housecall fee

(within 15km of office)

**may be $15-40 extra if more than 15km from office 


Euthanasia procedure


*available for long term clients only