What is Cold Laser therapy? Cold Laser or Low Level light/Laser therapy (LLLT) is the application of light (a low-power laser or light-emitting diode [LED]) to promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, or reduce pain (analgesia). Unlike high-powered lasers, which create heat and destroy tissue (and are often used in surgery for making incisions), Low Level light/Laser therapy actually stimulates the healing of tissues at the very foundation of the cell level.


How does this work? The LLLT device works by emitting particles of light, known as photons, which are absorbed by the cell's mitochondria (energy production center) at the actual site of injury. The mitochondria use these photons to produce more ATP energy, which is needed for tissue repair and reducing inflammation and pain at the site of injury. This assists with regeneration of tissue healing and repair. What can be treated? Low level Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, both chronic (long standing) and acute (recent) diseases such as;

• Degenerative disc disease, hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint pain

• Corneal diseases

• Head trauma, bone injuries

• Muscle, tendon & ligament injuries

• Nerve injuries

• Pancreatitis, liver inflammation

• Pain management for trauma & post surgical wounds

• Inflammation & swelling, reducing scar tissue

• Wound healing including de-gloving injuries, skin infections, hot spots, burns, lick granulomas, cellulitis


Are there any contraindications to using laser therapy? LLLT should not be used directly over any cancerous tumours, or over a pregnant female's uterus. It can be used safely over metal implants such as pins.


How long is an average treatment? Treatment times range from 2-30 minutes (depending on the condition being treated) Larger animals may require more time so that the LLLT can be directed over the entire injured area. Most animals find LLLT to be a relaxing treatment once they become familiar with the procedure, some will even fall asleep during treatment.


How many treatments are needed? The number of treatments needed depends on the condition being treated. Recent (acute) conditions may only require 1-5 treatments, while more chronic long-standing conditions may require 10-15 treatments or more. Because LLLT works so well for joint pain, it can be used as a maintenance program to reduce, delay or prevent joint degeneration in companion animals. Older animals can benefit from an ongoing maintenance treatment on a weekly or monthly basis. LLLT treatment can replace or reduce the use of steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs.