What is Homeopathy? 


Homeopathy is a very old system of Medicine, it means “Similar disease”.  It was discovered in the 1800s by a German Medical doctor named Samuel Hanhemann. Homeopathy treats the whole being; mind, body and emotions and focuses on rebalancing the Vital Force, or inner energy, that exists in all living beings. When this Inner Energy is out of balance, disease results. This imbalance can be on the emotional, mental or physical planes resulting in emotional, mental or physical symptoms of disease. Re-balancing the Vital energy of the body allows the mind, emotion and body to heal itself. Homeopathy works on all these levels because everything in the body is inter-connected. Homeopathy is safe, gentle and works by stimulating the body's own power of healing.


When there is an imbalance, the body gives us symptoms of what is wrong and what requires healing, but it often gets 'stuck' in showing these symptoms and these symptoms do not improve. The symptoms are an expression of what is going on in the body and to simply stop the surface symptoms (suppress them) does not allow the body to heal itself.


For example, putting an anti-itching cream on a dog that is itchy may help to resolve the itching temporarily, but the itching will eventually come back since the underlying reason for the itching is still there. ‘Why is the dog itchy?’ is the real question that needs to be addressed. If it cannot be attributed to a diet problem, then one has to look at the sensitivity of the dog to the external environment, and try to address this. Unless the underlying reason for the itching is addressed, the cycle of itching, medication, itching, medication etc. will continue.


Homeopathy takes something in nature that is expressing the same symptoms (ie makes someone itchy) and gives it to the patient. This allows the patient's energy to become stronger, making the body unstuck and moving the body towards healing. This is the Law of Similars or “Like Treats Like”.


The remedy which is chosen must be as close of a match to ALL the symptoms of the patient, referred to as the ‘Totality of Symptoms’, only then is it truly “Homeopathic”. So if the itchy dog in our example is more itchy at certain times of the day, feels better when in cold water, or feels better after he eats; these are all clues as to what remedy will match the patient and is more likely help treat or resolve the itching.


Allopathy on the other hand (Conventional medicine), means "opposite disease". For example, when there is inflammation in a joint, Allopathy will use an "anti-inflammatory". Homeopathy on the other hand, will see that joint inflammation as a symptom of an internal imbalance.  It will give a substance to balance out the entire being, and the joint inflammation will subside on its own. Homeopathy is safe, gentle and works by stimulating the body's own power of healing.  Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances, they are non-toxic, safe and can be used along with other medications.